Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 10-th Lunar Day

The tenth day of the lunar calendar is a day of traditions, memories, deepening into oneself. There is a connection of man with the sources of secret knowledge: sometimes on this day one recalls even that a person can not know. Also, many actions he does on the unconscious level. Often on this day, there are insights, influx.

In general, the influence of the tenth lunar day can be called favorable, especially if you are dealing with familiar and close people. Also, the day is favorable for any endeavor. You can even say that this is a day of creation in all senses of the word. But to stop the relationship, including business, on this day should not be.

Loneliness is not recommended. It is best to spend a day in communication with your family, invite relatives and friends to visit, to "revise" in old, already forgotten events, to think about the sources of life. It is in the roots that a new source of energy and information can often be discovered that promotes the movement forward. This day is meant for rest, cleaning. It is recommended to go to the bath or at least take a bath.

On this day it is recommended to take care of the family and the house. This is very important for every person, since if he is confident in his loved ones, he has additional strength, optimism, determination in achieving the goal.

For health, this is one of the most favorable days, when even in hopeless patients improves well-being. You can not starve that day. It is useful to drink more liquid - decoctions, juices will have a beneficial effect on the body, especially if a person is soared in a bath or engaged in active physical work.

The day is especially favorable for the beginning of the repair of the house or its construction. Successfully carried out trading operations. On the contrary, you should not take a journey.

You can not perform medical procedures with the bones of the thorax and the vertebrae of the thoracic spine on this day, because they are susceptible to various diseases. This also applies to the elbow joints.

During the tenth day of the lunar calendar, a person usually sees pleasant, light and bright dreams, which, unfortunately, never come true, so there is no point in believing them.

People born on the tenth day of the lunar calendar correspond to it spirit: they often have a close connection with their ancestors. On the one hand, they can enjoy what they gain from them. However, they are also forced to repay their debts, which can cause suffering, because these debts are sometimes very serious. The main purpose of these people is to work with knowledge.