Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 13-th Lunar Day

The thirteenth day of the lunar calendar is characterized by the fact that the higher forces patronize group contacts. It is very good to study on that day, and it is better to do this not according to books, but on positive examples of other people. However, one should still be wary of the information that comes on this day, which flows in a continuous stream. It is not necessary to waste precious time gathering useless information and other extremes that only clutter the mind to such an extent that it becomes very difficult for a person to make the right choice even in a situation where he is obvious.

The day is favorable for cooking food, baking bread, and also buying or making household items. In a word, it is good to accumulate material wealth on this day, but it's bad to go out and carry out big things and projects.

Diseases that began on this day are dangerous, but this is compensated by the high efficacy of drugs, as well as cosmetics. It is recommended to perform procedures for rejuvenation and cleansing, you can not starve, since the stomach on this day requires a load. You can exercise, produce, build and repair structures and objects that have a round shape (wheels, coins, wells, fountains, etc.).

During the thirteenth lunar day, people tend to see true dreams that can reflect difficulties and problems that require immediate resolution. But most often these dreams have a symbolic form, so they still need to be deciphered in order to get an answer.

People who were born on the thirteenth day of the lunar calendar usually have unusual abilities and proved to be good students in any business. Well, if they learn from noble teachers!