Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 16-th Lunar Day

The sixteenth day of the lunar calendar indicate the person cleanliness and inner and outer harmony. It remains for man to try to maintain this harmony in everything. It must manifest itself first of all in order not to fall into extremes. For example, you can not starve, but also overeat too. On this day, many benefits will bring physical exercises that contribute to the development of equilibrium.

The day is suitable for all peaceful deeds drawing up plans and reports, establishing the necessary contacts. Favorable influence of this day will help without any trouble to conduct a spring cleaning - to wash the floors, to wipe the dust off the furniture. It is recommended to take a shower. It is necessary to completely exclude on this day manifestations of unceremoniousness in everything, you can not even raise your voice. On the contrary, moderation, inner comfort and peace in the soul are welcome. This day will not bring success in business, so you can not strain and leave office zeal until better times.

It is strictly forbidden to show aggression and envy on this day. Sex will not benefit, especially men. It is better to do the cleansing of the body, think over your activities for the coming years.

It is advisable to use lean products, fish, because the stomach can not cope with heavy food, meat, mushrooms. On the sixteenth day of the lunar calendar, the human blood is renewed, it has a low coagulability on this day, therefore surgical intervention is undesirable. The most vulnerable organ of this lunar day is the spleen.

You can not collect both medicinal and garden plants, because at full moon they can become poisonous.

Sleep is very useful during these days, it brings recovery to a sick person, and healthy helps to get rid of internal stress.

People born on the sixteenth day of the lunar calendar have a pure soul and differ in love for nature. During their lifetime they manage to do many useful things and therefore are deserve the respect.