Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 17-th Lunar Day

The seventeenth day of the lunar calendar is a day of joy, communication, meetings, talks, any collective events. This day is very favorable for any relationship with representatives of the opposite sex. However, despite the goodwill of the stars, one should not forget and cross the boundaries of the rational, so that the fun does not turn into a riot. Love, no doubt, is the best feeling, but always unexpected, and this day because of uncontrolled energy can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Also this day is favorable for marriage.

On this day a person gains inner freedom. In ancient Greece, the seventeenth lunar day was the day of celebration of the god of wine Dionysus, when the so-called Dionysians and theatrical performances were arranged. It is not surprising that on this day ecstasy and joy of being are welcomed, it symbolizes fertility, accumulation and growth. It is desirable to coincide with the seventeenth lunar day, celebration, feast, banquet.

Work on the seventeenth lunar day should not be routine, bear the nature of a report and bring a person to stress. It is necessary to engage in trade, go on a trip, in short, activities should bring a person pleasure.

We need to spend this day in fellowship and emancipation, having fun, singing songs, making speeches, demonstrating our best qualities. You can use dry wine or warmed Cahors, which are associated with joy, movement, love. You can not feel fear, dislike, tension. You just need to be yourself, avoid any difficulties. If something does not work, leave it for later.

Infectious diseases can appear on this day. The female psyche experiences a slight strain. There is also a high risk of injury. Pituitary and endocrine system are affected on this day.

Dreams that a person sees on these lunar days have a certain meaning: if they leave a pleasant impression, this means a successful realization of the person in creativity and in love, but if the dream is heavy, in life everything is obviously not going well. It is necessary to add creative energy, to become more open for people, then it will be possible to solve all the problems. Do not miss this opportunity!

People born on the seventeenth day of the lunar calendar are constantly busy searching for their "half" in life. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds, but if the search ends successfully, these people acquire extraordinary wisdom and strength.