Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 18-th Lunar Day

The eighteenth day of the lunar calendar is not in vain has such a symbol: the external events of this day are a kind of reflection of the inner world of man, who, in addition, may have a desire to obey another's will. However, one should gather strength and look inward to find the basis of all their views and actions. On this day it is better not to allow excesses, rather the use of restraint and moderation will bring success. It is worth to do water procedures - to visit the bath or swim in the pool.

The full moon period is continuing, a time suitable for the transition from the accumulation of forces to their active use. Unearned energy becomes uncontrollable and badly affects a person. Often at full moon, a person suffers from insomnia - this is a sign that the accumulated energy is redundant and does not allow to fall asleep. Man hardly controls himself, gets irritated, gives in to provocation. The number of road accidents is increasing.

On the eighteenth lunar day actor's talent is well manifested. This day can be called a day of intrigue, fraud and deceit.

On the eighteenth day of the lunar calendar, it's good to start the journey. It is not recommended to marry. It is better not to plan any cases, because you can make a mistake and go the wrong way. It is necessary to get rid of vanity and selfishness.

On the other hand, the third phase of the Moon begins with a sense of joy of life, a wonderful fullness of being, when fun, songs, dances, mass entertainment events are welcomed. However, as always, it is necessary to observe the measure and use this force for self-improvement and various creative purposes. On this lunar day, the world shows the man what he has done to this moment.

This is the best day for fasting, you can put an enema or take a mild laxative to clean the intestines. It can exacerbate nervous disorders, it is believed that in the full moon lunatics tend to walk in a dream. You can not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. Pay special attention to the kidneys, which are weakened on this day. Sometimes skin diseases and hidden diseases can manifest. In any case, the diagnosis and treatment should be carried out with the utmost care.

Desirable on this day, massage, skin cleansing, washing and bath, procedures for rejuvenating the body. It is better not to eat meat, but to give preference to nuts and vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is also recommended for massage as a lapping. You can not carry out medical procedures with the lower back and kidneys, which on this day are activated.

Dreams on this day lead a person into a tired state, so it is advisable to sleep less so as not to be "broken" all day. However, in a dream a person can see what prevents him from living and what should be got rid of.

People born on the eighteenth day of the lunar calendar are characterized by manifestations of selfishness, with which they need to constantly fight. It is good for them to meet on the life path of the teacher, who will help them to rise spiritually. If these people choose an acting career, they can achieve significant success in this business.