Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 19-th Lunar Day

When the moon wanes, the third phase comes. During this period, a person has a lot of energy that he can use both for creation and self-improvement, and for destruction - it depends on the qualities of a particular person. Figuratively speaking, this time is similar to the onset of maturity in the life of a person who has become an adult and is able to fully realize his potential. Even from a physical point of view, the body is determined to be active, a person gets inner freedom, strength and determination to act. It is very important not to miss this moment, because in the future before the new moon the forces and energy will go to waste.

This lunar day is considered one of the most unfavorable in the calendar, as when changing the lunar phases a person is threatened with stress, so you can not overestimate your capabilities. However, if a person does not violate the principles and behaved correctly, all the plans that have been conceived need to be carried out in the third phase of the moon, since they succeed in this period as well as possible, and for that the person does not take, everything turns out - both mental and physical work.

It is necessary to be very cautious about new ideas and trends, which you learn about on the nineteenth lunar day. Most likely, this is a provocation of the dark forces. You can not quarrel and find out the relationship, because it will lead to unnecessary exacerbations and confuse people.

The day can be considered neutral for ordinary affairs and bad for everything complex and new. It is undesirable to marry that day. It's good to travel and just walk alone. This will help to avoid the illusions and temptations that the nineteenth day of the lunar calendar is rich in. Favorable influence is felt by creative people and aspiring to loneliness, individualists who impress others with talent and at the same time are punished by fate for pride.

On this day it is useful to pray, repent, even cry, as this means a deep moral purification of the soul and conscience of man. You should think about your actions and thoughts, get rid of lies and pride. You can not take and give money in debt.

To eat on this day should be vegetarian food, preferably without bread and milk. It's good if the products have a round shape. It is necessary to clean the intestines. Insect bites on this day can be dangerous.

This day adversely affects mentally ill people. Ill on this day is bad because of the fact that the illnesses take a long time and sluggishly. Often poisoning occurs. Particularly vulnerable organs are the appendix, the sigmoid colon.

On dreams that a person sees on the nineteenth day of the lunar calendar, do not pay attention, because they are empty and never come true, but they can scare.

People born on the nineteenth lunar day have creative abilities and forces to realize them, but they need to moderate pride, so as not to cause the wrath of higher forces. They usually spend their lives alone.