Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 22-nd Lunar Day

The twenty-second day of the lunar calendar is best devoted to learning. On this day a person receives a unique ability to sense the subtext, read between the lines, even catch the information sent from above. This will help to make significant progress, without putting much effort. Often a person receives answers in a dream.

If a person is seriously worried about a question, a simple observation of banal scenes on the street can give an unexpected answer, and so that a person immediately understands the meaning of the signal. However, one should beware of arrogance, so that the knowledge obtained in this way does not become an occasion for complacency. On the contrary, you need to share them, as well as positive energy, with others. After all, energy is given to man not to save it, as a miserly knight of his money, but to benefit people and the world. It is useful to show generosity in everything and wisdom.

On this day it is better not to start new things. You can not go on a trip.

It is undesirable to load the lower part of the spine, the sacrum, the hip belt, the neck of the thigh. You can not have a therapeutic effect on them. Contraindicated sharp movements. You can eat a lot, because the stomach requires a load on this day.

Dreams that a person will see during these lunar days should be treated with care, because they can give information about solving problems and help to change for the better if you can decipher them.

People who were born on the twenty-second day of the lunar calendar are distinguished by a lively mind and the ability to learn. Also, they are characterized by manifestations of cynicism, which spoil these people and make them treat the others haughtily. However, they understand this and try to eradicate the shortcomings.