Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 26-th Lunar Day

The twenty-sixth day of the lunar calendar is directly connected with changes in the human values system when he sees himself as if from outside. Internal transformation can lead to serious discontent with what is being revealed to a person as a result. However, there are no grounds for pessimism, because this is just the result of previous actions, which can be changed. Do not interfere on this day abstinence in food and sex, since it is very easy to use up precious energy for unnecessary purposes.

This day is considered one of the most critical when people can quarrel, fuss and not get results from this. We must try to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and devote the day to rest. It is advisable not to spend money, since there is a risk of losing them. A sober assessment of reality and a desire for knowledge of life are needed. It is necessary to take everything that is happening philosophically, because on this day a person passes the test for selfishness.

On this day it is useful to eat raw vegetables, citrus, fish. Meat is undesirable, like vegetables of round shape. The best food of this day is cranberries in all kinds.

Communication on this day will not be of use. It is better to spend time working with books, and not to allow overexertion. Often a person feels sad. It is not recommended to conduct water procedures on this day.

You can not heavily burden your hips, run, conduct medical procedures. It is also not advisable to pull out your teeth.

If people born on this day of the lunar calendar will constantly struggle with their pride and arrogance, they will gain happiness.