Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 28-th Lunar Day

The twenty-eighth day of the lunar calendar is favorable for the accomplishment of earthly affairs, and it is possible to do this with maximum energy.

This day it is necessary to conduct it actively and keep a good mood. Also the day is suitable for any endeavor: a person can build, engage in creativity or farming, make purchases, give and receive gifts ... Whatever he does on that day, he will be successful.

Despite the fact that you need to keep upbeat, you must not lose control. Well, if a person spreads good thoughts around him on this day. It is not recommended to read a lot, so as not to tire your eyes.

The diseases that began on this day are very difficult, especially in the elderly. The most vulnerable organs are the head, the brain. Differences in blood pressure are frequent. Vegetable food, natural juices are shown.

In a dream, a person can see who he was in the previous life.

However, a dream is just a warning, and it depends only on the person, whether it will come true or not.

It is easy to guess that people born on the twenty-eighth day of the lunar calendar have completely different qualities, so that it is impossible to bring them to a single frame.