Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 3-rd Lunar Day

From this day on, a crescent moon appears in the sky. The third lunar day, most likely, will pass very vigorously. It is necessary to wake up and get up early, so as not to miss opportunities that are opening up for successful activity. You can not save your energy on this day, it must boil and literally gush, allowing you to overcome any obstacles. If you direct it in the right direction, you can be sure that it will not be wasted. Positive energy will necessarily return to man, only to use it should be for good deeds. It sounds trite, but it's true. This is a period of active struggle, pressure and even aggression. All people who have a passive character on the third day of the Moon become vulnerable, and therefore suspicious, suspicious and insidious, because they simply "extinguish" energy. This day is considered bad for weak, passive people who have an aggressive mood, because of permanent defeats a person can get emotional and even physical trauma. If a person does not want to suffer, he needs to tune into self-defense.

The third day of the lunar month can be called the day of the warrior. Therefore, these days are very good for any sports training. If it is a question of some kind of single combat, then success is simply assured. On this day, any processing of metals is good: knife sharpening, casting of silver things, etc.

The conclusion of marriage is contraindicated, since the struggle that exerts the predominant influence on the energy of the third lunar day can affect family life. You can go to a sauna or take a bath, give yourself more physical exertion and thereby free up the accumulated internal energy, which will positively affect a person's well-being. If meditation is performed, it is advisable to use the green and blue colors.

It is dangerous to get sick this day, because the diseases that have begun are acute and require immediate action. Often there are injuries.

There is a sign that you can not shed butter on the third lunar day, as this means that a person has gone out of his way, does not know his destiny.

On this day, it is especially necessary to control negative thoughts and emotions, not to let them develop. If it turns out, you need to turn them into positive ones, otherwise you can break your state of health - your ears, throat, and nape will start to hurt. At the same time, the day is not suitable for the treatment of these organs.

Dreams that people see on these lunar days, rarely come true, but often are a kind of test of the inner forces of man. Therefore, they have some hidden meaning: you can not surrender to the mercy of the winner, even in a dream. If the end of the sleep was unfavorable, it can be changed by remembering the dream and defeating the enemy mentally right after awakening.

People born on the third lunar day usually succeed in any activity where pressure and determination are required. Particularly successful is their career in sports or military affairs.