Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 30-th Lunar Day

The thirtieth day of the lunar calendar is very short, and it does not happen every month. But it always passes very easily and harmoniously. It is best to dedicate it to the completion of current affairs, and also to sum up the results for the past month.

It's great if on this day a person will pay all the debts and get rid of everything unnecessary.

This is quite natural for the last day of the lunar month, so there will be no tension at all.

This day can be called a day of complete harmony. It is necessary to give people joy and to bring gratitude for the fact that the month passed safely. Then a person will be able to meet the new month with calm serenity.

It is advisable to cleanse not only the body and soul, but also the dwellings, do not strain and feel easy.

It is necessary to join the world harmony and beauty. If a person falls ill that day, he needs to immediately help, otherwise the disease will be long and severe.

Perhaps an exacerbation of allergies to smells. Often there are pains in the legs and feet. It is necessary to collect medicinal plants, because they have strong healing properties.

It is also possible to carry out various active procedures. It is undesirable to operate the heart and feet on this day.

In these lunar day, a person sees bright and joyful dreams, which are usually fulfilled.

On the thirtieth day of the lunar calendar, very beautiful and kind people are often born who do not complain about fate, because they quickly manage to find their way in life and true love.

Unfortunately, this day is rare.