Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 4-th Lunar Day

This is a dual day. A person can feel a bit loose, not at ease. It must be remembered that the world begins to react to the actions of man precisely on this day, and to be ready for this reaction. If you pay attention to the "signs" sent on the fourth day of the lunar calendar, you can determine whether the correct course was taken on the first lunar day and whether the means of the target chosen at the same time correspond. You need to try to control your subconscious. The number of contacts should be limited as far as possible, the day does not favor work in the group, but is mostly neutral. If everything is thought out in advance, the fourth lunar day can even go well, without negative manifestations. Suddenly, you can find things that have long since disappeared, which people have already despaired of finding. It is impossible to take hasty decisions on this day.

This day is better spent in nature, relax in seclusion, listen to your favorite music. If it is difficult for a person to endure loneliness, it is not necessary to remain alone, or you can just stay with your family, try not to go out. In addition, it is easier to avoid physical and emotional overloads. It's also good to work with plants, needlework, especially knitting. You can not go on a trip. It is forbidden to tear flowers and cut down trees. But for trading business, the day is quite suitable, as for working with the voice: singing, recitative, etc. You can pray, remember the deceased. In ancient times this day served for the performance of sacred hymns. In general, on the fourth day of the lunar calendar passivity is welcomed.

You can keep in touch with relatives, learn about them something new, accumulate information about it. This day is considered a day of deepening into oneself and memories in order to better understand one's own roots and kinship ties, which will open a person to the person from the new side. If it works out, it's useful to remember, mentally review and analyze your childhood from the minimum age you can remember, remember all those who surrounded the child and the house from that moment to the present. This sometimes leads to unexpected conclusions, helps to reveal secrets even if a person does not know about their existence.

The fourth day of the lunar calendar is favorable for the preparation of phytopreparations, collections, infusions, etc.

For superstitious people, bad hair or thread will be a bad sign: even if they are caught in this way, it is better to abandon the plan. It is forbidden to utter evil words even mentally, because on the fourth lunar day they have great power. So welcome restraint.

Often on this day of the lunar calendar in a dream a person sees his parents. This should serve as a signal that they inherited some problems that require urgent resolution. You can also feel a near danger in a dream that should warn a person about the need to be especially careful in the near future.

Diseases that began on the fourth lunar day, usually take place heavily. Particularly vulnerable organs are the Adam's apple, larynx and cervical vertebrae. They are not allowed to operate and massage on this day.

People born on this day are doomed from childhood to be incomprehensible both to others and to themselves. They spend their whole lives trying to solve their inner riddle, and if they succeed, they become amazing people.