Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 6-th Lunar Day

The next passive day in the lunar cycle. As a rule, people become more susceptible on this day than usual. They absorb and absorb the energy of the universe during this period.

This day involves forgiveness, the desire for love and grace. In ancient times, there was a sign: if the sky is very clear or, conversely, completely covered by clouds, this means that in the world there is no true harmony. However, to see the clouds and at the same time to hear the melodic ringing was considered a good sign.

On the sixth lunar day there is a lot of different information, so you need to treat it with care, to determine where the truth and where lies. This is best promoted by passivity. There are many ways to spend such a day with benefit for yourself, even if not engaged in active activities. You can begin to engage in any respiratory gymnastics, which helps to focus and promotes health, and also represents an effective rest. On the sixth day of the lunar calendar, a person is sensitive to aromas and enjoys special pleasure from pleasant smells, which throughout the day have a certain symbolic meaning. In addition, the day is very suitable for communicating with representatives of the opposite sex.

As for the diseases, they quickly pass this day. This period is favorable for rejuvenation procedures. You can also carry out treatment of the bronchi, upper respiratory tract. On the contrary, the tops of the lungs, the cervicothoracic spine, shoulders can not be treated.

This day is favorable for conducting research, for working in a group. There may suddenly be those things that were lost or stolen

About dreams that a person saw during the sixth lunar day, one should not tell anyone whatsoever, because they come true. A dreamy familiar person means that he needs something or he wants to repay the debt. Also, the dreams seen on this day can remind you of a case that needs to be completed as soon as possible.

People born on the sixth lunar day almost always have a rich inner world. The people around them consider them dreamers and dreamers. They do not like very much when they are pressured and in their relationships with others they most value freedom. They are also conductors and transformers of cosmic energy.