Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 7-th Lunar Day

The second phase of the moon means the continuation of the growth of body forces. Throughout the seventh lunar day, man has tremendous energy. Its quantity is already quite enough to start an active activity. We must take this responsibly and try to use it for creative purposes. First of all, it should be allowed to realize plans and plans. However, one should not forget about caution, since the power that this favorable day provides imposes a certain responsibility on a person, including in the choice of words - they have a special power on this day, and lies are capable of producing destructive effects.

The organism feels its "growing up", at this time there are many forces and no manifestation of fatigue. All the things that have been started by that time are going like clockwork, as a result of this, a person has faith in himself.

On the seventh day of the lunar calendar, a person experiences a great deal of emotional sensitivity, the need to communicate with other people, to influence them, whereas a cold attitude, indifference and callousness are perceived by them with particular soreness.

Also on this day it is useful to remember everything that happened, to think about your life, to analyze it. If there are occasions for repentance, you need to repent and get rid of this load while there is an opportunity. It is good to cleanse both souls and bodies - soak in the bath, starve. Not recommended, wash. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages.

The day symbolizes the transformation, favorable for the construction of the house, it is possible to plan and reschedule, to make rearrangements. You can prepare medicines, medicines, as day is considered the day of exact sciences. Even the most complex preparations containing more than a hundred components will be made without errors.

The second phase of the Moon is suitable for carrying out purification measures. It is best to clean the liver and other internal organs. Especially these procedures are shown in the case if a person has chronic fatigue and immunity is weakened. In addition, it is desirable to pay attention to the activities of the peripheral nervous system in order to avoid possible troubles.

It is also a day of active action, when unforeseen events can occur. Time is favorable for adventurers and those who are in a state of litigation. You should also work on yourself at all levels - material and spiritual.

On this day, you can not treat nasopharynx, vocal cords, trachea, bronchi and lungs.

During the seventh day of the lunar calendar, a person can see a prophetic dream. For example, it contains hints of what is the true destiny in a person's life, what he needs to pay attention to, what to do first. As a rule, these dreams are easily unraveled by the person who saw them, and he can begin to perform the task for which he was born, and also to feel the meaning of his life.

Для людей, родившихся в этот день, характерно крепкое здоровье. Из них могут получиться как превосходные ораторы и общественные деятели, так и сплетники с очень поверхностными интересами.