Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 8-th Lunar Day

The eighth day of the lunar calendar is the day of change, when the second phase of the cycle has already begun. The body's strength continues to grow. This is the day of transformation of energy, a comprehensive transformation of man. First of all, its deep change takes place, which involves an internal refusal of the achieved, so that life develops without trouble and further activity develops successfully. It is necessary to forget about one's own merits for a while, as the person himself easily overestimates them. On this day, on the contrary, it is critical to treat yourself and your accomplishments. On the eighth lunar day, human energy is directed inward, and external manifestations speak rather of some passivity. Special feelings can cause a fire element, there will be a desire to contact fire. It may be the desire to sit by the fire or just look at the sun or a burning candle. This desire should not be restrained. Perhaps on this day a person will have no appetite, then he will not suffer from starvation, as well as purification of the stomach and intestines.

There is an opinion that a bad person on this day has a stomach ache, there is also a fever, sometimes ears burn. There are violations of the nervous system.

The procedures for cleansing and rejuvenating the body on this day are very successful, without physical and emotional stress. It is advisable to eat light meals that consist of cereals and vegetables on this day.

Despite the fact that the fire element patronizes the eighth day of the lunar calendar, the fire should be treated with the utmost care.

People born on the eighth lunar day often surprise the people around with their originality. They have the ability to "reborn", from them beautiful artists grow up. In the old days, alchemists were born on this day.