Instrumentation & Automation
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Temperature sensors

The Instrumentation & Automation application for Android includes a data calculation algorithm for most temperature sensors used in industrial automation.

The temperature sensor unit can be launched from the main application menu by pressing the corresponding control element. After that, we can see the list of temperature sensors, shown in the picture on the left (an example for mobile devices).

Select the desired temperature sensor from the list
Main window of the temperature sensor list

By clicking on the list item, you can select the desired sensor. This opens the window of the selected sensor (figure on the right).

In this window, you can enter the temperature for the selected sensor and get its resistance (Resistance Temperature Detectors) or Electromotive Force (Thermocouples). Conversely, by entering a resistance or an EMF, you can get a temperature. The process is reversible.

The program is very handy, especially if it is in your smartphone, it means always at hand.

Cold junction compensation for thermocouples

If the option to use cold junction compensation for thermocouples is set, the value of the cold junction from the temperature to millivolts is first calculated. Then the given temperature is calculated in millivolts, and then millivolts of the cold junction are subtracted from these millivolts.

An example:
  Let's select a thermocouple of type K and take into account the temperature of the cold junction of 20°C.
  The program calculates first: 20°C = 0.7981 mv.
  If the measured temperature is 120°C (4.9199 mv), the resulting value in millivolts is:
  4.9199 - 0.7981 = 4.1218 mv.