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Pipeline fittings

Based on GOST 2.785-96. This page is not the original document. Translation may be inaccurate.

Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification

1. This standard establishes conditional graphic symbols for pipeline fittings in the schemes and drawings of all industries and construction.

The standard does not apply to hydraulic and pneumatic drives and products of the main production of aviation equipment.

2. The dimensions of the designations are not established by the standard.

3. The designations of the valve, depending on the type of connection and the type of control, are performed on the basis of a combination of the designations of this standard and the designations established by the relevant standards of the Unified System of Design Documentation.

1. Shut-off valve:
a) pass-throughShut-off valve - pass-through
b) angularShut-off valve - angular
2. Three-way valveThree-way valve
3. Regulating valve:
a) pass-throughRegulating valve - pass-through
b) angularRegulating valve - angular
4. Check valve:
a) pass-throughCheck valve - pass-through
b) angular
The movement of the working substunce through the valve must be directed from the white triangle to the black one
Check Valve - angular
5. Safety valve:
a) pass-throughSafety valve - pass-through
b) angularSafety valve - angular
6. Throttle valveThrottle valve
7. Reducing valve
Note. The vertex of the triangle should be directed towards the increased pressure
Reducing valve
8. Automatic air valve (plunger)Automatic air valve
9. Gate valveGate valve
10. Shutter rotaryShutter rotary
11. Crane:
a) pass-throughCrane - pass-through
b) angularCrane - angular
12. Three-way crane:
a) general designationThree-way crane
b) with T-plugThree-way crane with T-plug
c) with L-shaped stopperThree-way crane with L-shaped stopper
13. Four-way craneFour-way crane
14. End crane:FullSimplified
a) general designationEnd crane - generalEnd crane - simplified
b) tapTap - generalTap - simplified
c) self-locking, for washbasinEnd crane - self-lockingEnd crane - self-locking
d) toilet washbasinEnd crane - toilet washbasinEnd crane - toilet washbasin
e) bathEnd crane - bathEnd crane - bath
f) urinalEnd crane - urinalEnd crane - urinal
j) contact flushEnd crane - contact flushEnd crane - contact flush
i) laboratoryEnd crane - laboratoryEnd crane - laboratory
k) fire valve
for connection of one hoseFire valve - one hoseFire valve
for connection of two hosesFire valve - two hoses
l) wateringEnd crane - wateringEnd crane - watering
15. Double adjustment crane
Note. Simplified designation is allowed only in the documentation for construction
Double adjustment craneDouble adjustment crane
16. Mixer
a) general designationMixer
b) with swivel spoutMixer with swivel spout
c) with shower meshMixer with shower mesh
d) with self-locking washbasin faucetMixer with self-locking washbasin faucet
e) medical ulnarMixer medical ulnar
17. Valve non-return-lock:
a) pass-throughValve non-return-lock
b) angular
Note. The movement of the working medium through the valve must be directed from the white triangle to the black one
Valve non-return-lock angular
18. Valve non-return-controlledКлапан невозвратно-управляемый
19. Self-locking valveSelf-locking valve
20. Fast-acting shutoff valve:
a) for openingSelf-locking valve for opening
b) for closingSelf-locking valve for closing
21. Starting valveStarting valve
22. Double-seat valveDouble-seat valve
23. Valve to the pressure gaugeValve to the pressure gauge
24. Safety warning valveSafety warning valve
25. Flapper:
a) without forced closureFlapper without forced closure
b) with forced closureFlapper with forced closure
26. Overflow gate valve (for ships)Overflow gate valve
27. Flushing valveFlushing valve
28. Three-valve box:
a) lockableThree-valve box lockable
b) non-return-lockableThree-valve box non-return-lockable
c) non-return-controlled
Note. The number of squares in the designation should correspond to the number of valves in the box
Three-valve box non-return-controlled
29. Three-way manipulator
Note. The number of rames in the designation must correspond to the number of moves of the manipulator.
Three-way manipulator
Note. The names in parentheses correspond to the terminology accepted in the shipbuilding industry.