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ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations


ISO-5167 Flow Rate Calculations is a mobile application for Android, intended for both experts in the field of automation and metrology, and students of technical specialties. It implements methods for calculating the flow rate of liquids, vapors and gases by measuring the differential pressure on primary devices as the substances pass through them.

These methods are regulated by the ISO-5167 standard and consider the following primary devices:

The program accept some input parameters related to both the design of the primary device and the physical properties of the measured substance. Thanks to Hummeling Engineering many water and vapor properties, such as density, viscosity, adiabatic index and so on are calculated automatically depending on the pressure and temperature of the measured substance. The calculations are absolutely transparent, the intermediate results of the calculation are displayed in a handy report in the form of a WEB page. Sample reports are shown at the bottom of the page.

Languages: English, Русский, Deutsch, Français, Español, 中文

Getting started

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The program consists of three main screens:

ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations - Polling screen
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ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations - Main screen
Pic. 2
ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations - Report screen
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Material properties editors

The properties of the materials from which the primary device and the pipeline are made have an influence on the calculation of the flow rate or differential pressure across the device.
The most important are the temperature coefficient of linear expansion of the metal of the primary device and the coefficient of surface roughness of the pipeline.

The ISO-5167 Flowrate Application contains both a table of metals for determining the coefficient of thermal expansion of a primary device for measuring flow, as well as a table of surface roughness of a pipeline.
Initially, the tables are filled with primary data in accordance with ISO-5167 / GOST 8.586.X-2005 standards.
Users of the application can edit the tables - change, delete rows. Add their own data.
Below are the default table values:

Table of thermal coefficients of expansion of metals

In the program, the change in the size of the primary device depending on the temperature, is calculated by the formula:

αt = 10^-6[a0 + a1(t / 1000) + a2(t / 1000)²], where

t is the temperature;
a0, a1 a2 - constant coefficients determined in accordance with table 1.

Table of thermal coefficients of expansion of metals
StandardsConstant coefficients
Gr1, J0350235Л10.26014.0000
1.0558, GS-6045Л11.60000
J92630, J9270112Х18Н9ТЛ9.83018.812-14.191
Gr.1, K0200115К, 20К10.80010.0000
1022, K0270022К9.14234.340-43.526
Gr.F, K0180316ГС9.90320.561-15.675
13Mn6, 9MnSi509Г2С10.68012.0000
1010, 1012, 11101010.8009.000-4.200
1015, 1016, 10171511.1007.900-3.900
1020, 1023, 10242011.1007.700-3.400
1030, 1034, 1035, 103830, 3510.20010.400-5.600
5135, 5140, 5140H40, 4510.82117.872-10.986
5140H, G51350, Gr.513538ХА12.3455.4335.360
5135, 5140, 5140H40Х10.81915.487-9,280
4130, 4130H, G4130030ХМ(А)10.72014.6670
1.7715, 14MoV6–312Х1МФ10.0009.600-6.000
501, 502, K4154515Х5М10.1002.7000
1.6657, 14NiCrMo13418Х2Н4МА11.06511.224-5.381
AISI 409, 410508X139.9719.095-4.115
AISI 410, S4100012X139.55711.067-5.000
420, S4200020X139.52011.3330
AISI 420S, 420F30X139.6429.600-4.472
AISI 304, 304H, S3040008Х18Н1015.32511.2500
321, 321H, S3210012Х18Н10Т(12Т)16.2066.5710
AISI 321, S3210008Х18Н10Т15.47010.5000
S63198, S6319931Х19Н9МВБТ16.2166.4000
AISI 904L06ХН28МДТ9.15330.944-26.478
1A, Gr.WCA, J0200220Л11.6609.0000
2A, A10, GrLCA25Л10.75012.5000

Table of values of the pipe wall uniform equivalent roughness, k

Smooth (brass, copper, aluminium, plastics)0.030.01100
Glass, clean0.010.003100
Steel new, stainless0.030.01100
Steel new, seamless cold drawn0.030.01100
Steel new, seamless hot drawn0.100.03100
Steel new, seamless rolled0.100.03100
Steel new, welded longitudinally0.100.03100
Steel new, welded spirally0.100.03100
Steel slightly rusted0.150.04533
Steel rusty0.250.0820
Steel encrusted1.250.37560
Steel with heavy encrustation2.000.60100
Steel bituminized, new0.040.012520
Steel bituminized, normal0.150.04533
Steel galvanized0.130.04100
Cast iron new0.250.08100
Cast iron rusty1.250.4025
Cast iron encrusted1.50.5100
Cast iron bituminized, new0.040.012520
Asbestos cement coated and not coated, new0.030.01100
Asbestos cement not coated, normal0.050.015100

Application output data

Application ISO-5167 calculates and displays output values directly on the screen of a smartphone / tablet. Calculation and display of data is performed instantly when the user changes the input parameters. In addition, there is the possibility of saving data in the form of HTML reports, examples of which are given below:

Example of flowrate calculations

Orifice Plate - Liquid

Example Of Water Flowrate
Flowrate - Mass
Calculation of the flowrate [q] for a given differential pressure [Δp].
1. Input values
Calculated valuesSymbolUnitValue
Device diameter at 20 °Cd20mm120.000
Pipe diameter at 20 °D20mm200.000
Device materialsteel AISI 409, 4105
Pipe materialsteel 24CrMoV55
Arithmetical mean deviation of the roughness profile (Steel encrusted)Ramm0.3750
Uniform equivalent roughnessRemm1.2500
Operating temperaturet°С75.00
Atmospheric pressurepakPa100.00
Upstream pressurepukPa1900.00
Differential pressureΔpkPa49.00
Operating conditions
Dynamic viscosityμμPa·s378.2349
Density, operating conditionsρkg/m³975.6960

2. Calculation of intermediate values
Calculated valuesSymbolUnitValue
Absolute pressurepkPa2000.00
Thermodynamic temperatureT°K348.15
Temperature coefficient of change in the diameter of the device, caused by temperature deviations from 20 °CKd-1.000585
Device diameter at operating temperaturedmm120.0702
Temperature coefficient of change in the diameter of the pipe, caused by temperature deviations from 20 °CKp-1.000694
Pipe diameter at operating temperatureDmm200.1388
Diameter ratioβ-0.599934
Input rate factorE-1.07183
Expansibility factorε-1.00000

3. Final calculations
Calculated valuesSymbolUnitValue
1-st approximation
Reynolds numberRe-1000000
Discharge coefficientC-0.605407
Roughness coefficient of the internal surface of the pipeKr-1.01456
Mass flowrateqmkg/s72.89221
2-nd approximation
Reynolds numberRe-1226022
Discharge coefficientC-0.605166
Roughness coefficient of the internal surface of the pipeKr-1.01482
Mass flowrateqmkg/s72.88196
3-d approximation
Reynolds numberRe-1225850
Discharge coefficientC-0.605167
Roughness coefficient of the internal surface of the pipeKr-1.01482
Mass flowrateqmkg/s72.88197
ISO-5167 Flowrate calculations
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Example of IAPWS-97 calculations


Input values :
Pressure (P)1MPa
Temperature (T)90°C
Result :
Pressure :
Temperature :
Specific volume :
Density :
Entropy :
Enthalpy :
Internal energy :
Gibbs free energy :
Isobaric heat capacity :
Isochoric heat capacity :
Isothermal compressibility :
Thermal conductivity :
Thermal diffusivity :
Dynamic viscosity :
Kinematic viscosity :
Speed of sound :
Isobaric expansion coefficient :
Prandtl number :
Dielectric constant :
Vapour fraction :
Saturation point pressure :
ISO-5167 Flowrate calculations
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