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ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations


ISO-5167 Flow Rate Calculations is a mobile application for Android, intended for both experts in the field of automation and metrology, and students of technical specialties. It implements methods for calculating the flow rate of liquids, vapors and gases by measuring the differential pressure on primary devices as the substances pass through them.

These methods are regulated by the ISO-5167 standard and consider the following primary devices:

The program accept some input parameters related to both the design of the primary device and the physical properties of the measured substance. Thanks to Hummeling Engineering many water and vapor properties, such as density, viscosity, adiabatic index and so on are calculated automatically depending on the pressure and temperature of the measured substance.

Getting started

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The program consists of three main screens:

ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations - Polling screen
Pic. 1
ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations - Main screen
Pic. 2
ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations - Report screen
Pic. 3
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