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Instrumentation & Automation Professional

Instrumentation & Automation Professional

The Professional edition of Instrumentation & Automation is a paid analogue of the free verrsion. It is intended mainly for professionals, since it is planned to include narrow profile units of calculations, which for a wide range are redundant, and even harmful (sometimes). No ads displaying.

At present, in addition to all the functions of the basic version added:

Paid and free versions will develop synchronously, the existence of the Professional edition will not affect users of free versions in any way. Both versions will be updated at the same time. Windows version is likely to get some additional functions in the form of databases, etc ...


Instrumentation & Automation Professional for Windows
Fast download
Windows net 2.0   Windows net 4.0 и выше


Instrumentation & Automation Professional for Android
Google Play

The download link for the Android version leads to Google Play, whereas the Windows version is activated from the usual free version of the program by entering the activation key.

To get the activation key for the Windows version, you should:

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