Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 1-st Lunar Day

This day is the basis of all lunar cycle - the first day after the new moon. By this day, all good beginnings should be timed. On this day, usually there are successful plans, and everything that the person conceived and scheduled for implementation on the first lunar day, will enjoy the patronage of higher forces throughout the lunar month. It is impossible to think on such a day on the bad, however, if good thoughts do not come, it is also not worthwhile to force them. You just have to drive away all negative thoughts and emotions and calm down. It is possible to forget about all affairs, then, most likely, enlightenment will come and right thoughts will appear. Do not interfere with them. After all, in order to realize all the ideas that have arisen in a person on this day, he is given a whole month!

Together with making plans, you can dream as much as you want, because on that day dreams can become quite realistic plans for the future. After all, the dreams and plans of the first lunar day surely come true, if, of course, they are clean and not connected with revenge, in general with the desire of evil to another person. Vengeful or unpleasant plans during the first lunar days are dangerous, since they usually lead to unhappiness.

You should not hurry too much and on the same day you should not start new affairs - the first lunar day is not conducive to practical activities. Dreams and plans for the future should be limited.

As for all beautiful dreams, especially if they fully correspond to the true desires and needs of a person and are really important to him, they need to be thought through very carefully, in detail, and as vividly as possible imagine how they come true. Then they will be realized in a short time, even without human intervention.

To learn not to cause harm to anyone, even unconsciously, you need to constantly control your thoughts and feelings, try to think about the good and be able to feel yours relaxed muscles.

You can try to watch the fire of a fireplace, a fire or just a candle. As a result, a person feels rejuvenation and purification of the inner world. If this happens in the evening, it is advisable to recall your childhood and feel like a child again.

The first lunar day is light, bright and clean. You need to pay attention to this light and feel this lightness. We must try not to miss this favorable moment, since the success of the entire lunar month may depend on it. Figuratively speaking, a person on this day seems to be born anew: he has too little physical and emotional strength, so it is necessary to forget about his duties to the community for the time being and, if possible, to reduce contacts with other people, the work in the group is contraindicated. Instead, it is better to take a walk outside the city, read a book or sit at a computer. It is undesirable to visit anybody in first lunar day. Also, one should get rid of unnecessary connections if they bring only discord and conflicts.

Good dreams on the first day of the lunar calendar foreshadow joy, but you can not pay attention to bad ones, especially since dreams of this day are rarely heavy. If not always think about the fact that a dream was a bad event, the obsession goes by itself. The dreams of this day should be treated easily and let go of negative impressions.

About people born on the first lunar day, we can say that they have been a little children all their lives. This is manifested in the fact that they have a dreamy nature and always look like a child for something.

In any endeavor, they act very energetically and vividly. On a wave of enthusiasm, they are capable of accomplishing a feat.

On this day there may be signs of atherosclerosis, cancer, stones are formed in the hollow internal organs. You can not perform surgical operations on the face of the head, brain, eyes. Also, acupuncture, manual therapy and any other therapeutic effect on these organs are contra-indicated.

The first day of the moon is often unusual, it can even be called magical. This day is favorable for forgiving offenses to friends and ill-wishers. On the first lunar day, it is easier to decide and implement it than on other days, and it makes practical sense, since it can accelerate the implementation of plans: by freeing oneself from everything that is burdensome, a person focuses on further moving forward.