Lunar Days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

Lunar Days

Every person had at least once in his life the feeling that everything that was happening to him, in a timely and harmonious manner, so that it seems that the whole cosmos is correctly reacting to his actions and instantly responds to it. In such moments, any life manifestations bring with it an incomparable pleasure. In a word, a person gets - "in the stream."

The lunar calendar has the most direct relation to this feeling. You can conduct an experiment and test its effectiveness. It's quite simple. You just need to mark the next "critical" lunar days in the calendar and be especially attentive at this time. Passing along the street, passing by public transport to work or to the store, you can observe people. They will certainly behave differently than on favorable lunar days. Then you can draw your own conclusions about whether there is any sense in the effectiveness of the lunar calendar.

But one thing is to make sure that the lunar calendar is a real force. Another question is whether this power can be used in its own interests.

Non-compliance with the recommendations that usually accompany the description of the days of the lunar cycle can lead to errors, contribute to the emergence of undesirable traits in the nature of the person and various diseases. It is not necessary to think that knowledge and careful adherence to the lunar calendar will automatically insure a person from all life's errors and troubles. However, this will allow to correct the arising errors and build their destiny in harmony with the world and others.

There is no doubt that the Moon in one way or another affects the physical phenomena occurring on Earth. Therefore, the value of the lunar calendar can not be underestimated. Everyone knows, for example, that plants are very dependent on the phases of the moon, and currently no self-respecting gardener or gardener does not the work on his site without first checking with the lunar calendar.

The lunar calendar can be called one of the oldest and most successful attempts to connect harmony in a person's life with the influence of the moon on his physiology and psychology. Using these ancient knowledge, as well as modern research, you can learn to feel the lunar rhythms, which, in turn, will increase intuition. And the positive impact of this knowledge on one's own life can be verified in practice.

Table of lunar days

The 1-st Lunar dayThe 2-nd Lunar day
The 3-rd Lunar dayThe 4-th Lunar day
The 5-th Lunar dayThe 6-th Lunar day
The 7-th Lunar dayThe 8-th Lunar day
The 9-th Lunar dayThe 10-th Lunar day
The 11-th Lunar dayThe 12-th Lunar day
The 13-th Lunar dayThe 14-th Lunar day
The 15-th Lunar dayThe 16-th Lunar day
The 17-th Lunar dayThe 18-th Lunar day
The 19-th Lunar dayThe 20-th Lunar day
The 21-st Lunar dayThe 22-nd Lunar day
The 23-rd Lunar dayThe 24-th Lunar day
The 25-th Lunar dayThe 26-th Lunar day
The 27-th Lunar dayThe 28-th Lunar day
The 29-th Lunar dayThe 30-th Lunar day