Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 9-th Lunar Day

Traditionally, the ninth day of the lunar calendar is considered dark, so do not pay attention to external evil, so as not to become its source. The day is dangerous, unsuccessful, Satanic. You do not have to be frightened and constantly expect trouble, and if they did happen, you just have to stop and think: maybe the person in the past did something wrong and this brought on himself the wrath of the higher forces. When you can trace the connection, you can eliminate the cause of the trouble, thereby correcting the situation. After this, the situation will change for the better in the near future.

The main thing is not to start anything new on this day. This will still not be of use, and time will be wasted, because the risk is too great to calculate your opportunities incorrectly and incur losses. You can focus on the systematic continuation of already begun cases.

This is the time when there are seductions, illusions, deceptions, poisonings. During these days, a person usually dreams of painful dreams with a bad omen, which should not be trusted. Also on this day a person receives signals, and only bad ones. They should pay special attention and treat each of them with a sober assessment, carefully consider.

Because of the negative impact of this day, a person must actively defend himself against all aggressive and negative things that can hit him on the ninth day of the lunar calendar. On the contrary, one should remain modest and spend this day doing everyday work.

On this day you can not show your feelings. It will not hurt to be reserved for perseverance, as it is likely to receive bad news, bad luck, even accidents. It is best if a person can survive all these events calmly, without splashing out his negative emotions into the world. Do not stand with foam at the mouth to prove your rightness, defend your opinion by all means. Perhaps, just this opinion is erroneous. This is exactly the day when the words "initiative is punishable" are justified and can lead to unpredictable consequences. It is necessary to conduct procedures for purification, to show passivity and to maintain constant control over events and their own state.

It is considered an unfavorable sign if on that day a person feels that there is no room for air in the chest - in this case, one must get distracted from a multitude of accumulated problems and take care of one's spirituality, traditions and origins. Disarming for the negative impact of the move will be if a person pardons on this day of the one who offended him.

The ninth day of the lunar calendar is suitable for garden work and to go on the road. Conversely, it is better not to work in the kitchen, teaching activities. The day is not conducive to marriage. It was considered a very bad omen to have shed milk in that day, which meant bad omen. Also, people tried not to approach the mirror, so as not to break it, were afraid to even look into it.

There was, oddly enough, a good sign of the ninth lunar day-a lucky sign was considered if the cactus blossomed on that day.

Diseases that started on this day are dangerous, but easily amenable to cure. As a rule, neuralgia occurs and cardiovascular diseases can worsen. Physicians should pay special attention to the prevention of angina and other diseases. Immunity is very weakened, the human psyche also has a special impact: overload with unresolved problems affects, various complexes, phobias and suicidal tendencies are manifested. Often this day, there is a poisoning of the body. You should not starve, as well as overeat. Contraindicated use of alcohol.

Dreams that a person will see during these lunar days, as if designed to scare. They leave a heavy impression, even if they did not have nightmares. However, this can also be called a kind of provocation, so you can safely forget about everything you saw and start your normal working day.

People who were born on the ninth lunar day usually have weak health, but they should simply perceive problems as a challenge and constantly struggle for their own internal and external purity, although this is difficult enough. But as a result of their problems will be another step in self-improvement. They need to constantly work on themselves and regularly undergo purification procedures.