Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 20-th Lunar Day

The twentieth day of the lunar calendar can pass very interesting. This day can be called a day of amazing discoveries that will help a person to see the world in a new light, as well as complete a complete inner transformation. A person should have a sincere desire to drop pride, arrogance, disgust and just open up to what this wonderful day will bring. If possible, you can spend time in a community of like-minded people whose opinions will certainly help a person open their eyes to many very important things.

On this day, it is recommended that important decisions be made and important actions are taken, as this will be easy to do without experiencing any doubts. This means that a person has risen to a higher level in his development. Spiritual transformation is also achieved through a religious feat, moral purity and asceticism.

The day is favorable for people of purposeful, principled leaders and speakers. You can deal with any business, if only they were not boring and monotonous. It is advisable to spend this day at home, with the family.

Diseases on this day are rare, but there is a danger of injury. Especially vulnerable is the spine. Fasting on the twentieth lunar day will bring spiritual insight. It is better not to eat meat and fish and do not spend too much energy. During these lunar days, dreams have an interesting property: you can control it and even try to enter someone else's dream.

On the twentieth day of the lunar calendar, creative people are often born who tend to rise above others and behave either with the nobility of kings or with the arrogance of lackeys. These people need to fight against such manifestations.