Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 14-th Lunar Day

The fourteenth day of the lunar calendar can be considered the most powerful day of the lunar month. On this day it is necessary to make bold, decisive actions. Day is suitable for a serious step, which is able to solve the outcome of the whole affair.

It is also necessary on this day to start some important, global, long-term business. You can not scatter on trifles, on the contrary, you should pay attention to the most important issue or problem and devote the day to it. Particularly welcome on this day is physical activity.

It's good to change jobs on this day. It is undesirable to get divorced and participate in litigation - the case will go on without failures, but negative consequences are possible. This day is suitable for gambling, commercial events. You can go on a trip.

On this day, music acts on the person most favorably. You can also work with all kinds of information, with sacred texts. Benefit will bring any physical load, which will very effectively help to cope with sadness, sadness, melancholy, often visiting a person that day.

The day is suitable for a zealous prayer, "dry fasting", that is, without the use of liquid, which on this day only pollutes the body. If a person makes some effort, extraordinary abilities, up to clairvoyance, can be revealed to him.

Diseases that began on this day, pass quickly and easily. You can spend on this day, the procedures for purifying the body of accumulated slag. Also, because of the heavy burden on the psyche, a person often changes his mood.

Dreams that have been dreamed during these lunar days do not carry any important information, so you can not attach much importance to them. Most often these dreams are sad.

People who were born on the fourteenth day of the lunar calendar often have weak health. Despite this, they are able to perform the feat, because they are pure soul and very lucky. They follow their vocation and are in constant search, constant movement.