Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 23-rd Lunar Day

The twenty-third day of the lunar calendar marks various rearrangements in the physical world, which occur due to inertia, as the strength of the activity gained a significant speed over the past few days of the month. At the same time, it seems to the person that the changes are not at his will, especially since these changes often concern such things in the physical world, which are perceived as losses. Man in general is characterized by a strong attachment to the physical world. He can feel an irresistible desire to stop the changes, to keep the peace in the old framework. This will make the day very hard. It is much easier to treat with a certain detachment the material objects, property and the results of one's labor. Communication with people will not be of use, sex is contraindicated, since on that day it will lead to severe physical and emotional exhaustion. But the day is very favorable in order to get rid of all that is superfluous. This can be a cleansing of the body, and maybe a general cleaning in the house, with the removal of old trash and a dump. There is nothing surprising in that this day implies abstinence from any excesses.

During the waning moon, the energy of a person also decreases, things do not go well, you can even feel yourself inferior. In spite of the fact that physical forces decrease, during the fourth phase of the moon, the sources of new spiritual forces, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the world are revealed. However, this happens only when the person has correctly behaved in the previous phases. In this case, there is a feeling that time is not wasted and it is possible with a calm heart to move from active activities to passive rest.

Sex on this day leads to a great decline in strength. Also, a person can experience an irrepressible appetite and thirst. Contacts are not desirable, business conversations fail. You can not quarrel. To keep the peace of mind, it is necessary to devote this day to home affairs - the arrangement of housing, cleaning.

It is not recommended to marry on the twenty-third lunar day. You can go on the road. This is a period of abstinence, caution and accuracy, when a person gets the strength and ability to rise to a higher level of development.

Dairy products and nuts should be consumed, but not meat. On this day a person can begin a serious and long-lasting illness, the immunity is weakened. It is desirable to carry out procedures to strengthen and improve the spine. Sexual problems are also aggravated.

Dreams that a person sees during these lunar days, mean something quite the opposite of what awaits in reality.

On the twenty-third day of the lunar calendar, so-called "punchy" people are born, who usually achieve perfection in their activities and at any cost achieve their goals. The main thing is that these activities and goals should be positive.