Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 11-th Lunar Day

The eleventh day of the lunar calendar has such a strong energy that if a person does not see his goal well or doubts his own abilities, it can have a significant impact on the person's behavior and the events taking place in his life. On this day he will perform acts that are not peculiar to him at all, his actions become unpredictable, he seems to be shying from side to side. At the same time, a person can suddenly be struck by the illumination or awareness of his destiny at a given moment, and sudden bursts of physical strength are possible. This should not be misleading, since these bursts also disappear suddenly. You can not overeat that day and generally indulge in excess. On the contrary, starvation will lead to good results.

The impact of this day can not be called favorable. All activities related to unfamiliar activities may fail. Therefore, one should carefully approach the solution of urgent problems. But it's good to finish any business on this day, to make trips and crossings.

However, it is not recommended to stop and abandon the business that has begun, it requires a compulsory completion.

Also this day, there is a great risk of injury, it should be taken into account when carrying out their activities. Day of continuous setbacks in trade.

It is much more useful to do physical exercises that develop strength and flexibility, or just walk in the fresh air. If a person does not have a skill in any matter, he can not do it on the eighth lunar day. Special care requires the handling of cutting tools, even with a simple knife for cutting bread.

Diseases that began on the eleventh lunar day, women are difficult and dangerous. In medical terms, the day is also unpredictable, so treatment procedures should be minimized. However, miraculous healings are possible. Especially it concerns diseases of a stomach and a backbone.

The dreams that a person sees on this day of the lunar calendar can be ignored, since they do not matter much.

People born on the eleventh lunar day are as unpredictable as the day of their birth. They are very talented and often have unusual innate abilities. However, they often attract unexpected and even catastrophic events.