Lunar days
Lunar days in Astrology. after Pavel Pankratov, the author.

The 21-st Lunar Day

The twenty-first day of the lunar calendar can be called the day of the advance, which should be carried out as actively as possible, actively. All the forces spent during the month, on this day, are returned in multiple amounts. Also, the help of like-minded people will be very useful, every group activity is highly welcomed on this day. The person on this day will not be stopped even by the fact that the implementation of the plan will require any sacrifice from him, since subconsciously he will feel his power to radically change the current state of affairs.

The day favors creativity, persistence in achieving the goal, sports competitions, as well as tests for professionalism, various examinations. Activities on this day should not be time-consuming and harsh, one can not remain alone and make scandals. It is best to engage in physical exercises, spiritual conversations, military training.

A person must match the atmosphere of this day and avoid lying, keep absolute purity and nobility, follow gusts. Benefits will bring work in the group, manifestations of friendship and association of people. The oath of allegiance given on the twenty-first lunar day will have a special power.

It is good to make trips on this day, start hardening procedures, take a bath or shower, and pour water. If you need to leave for a new job, the twenty-first lunar day is best for this. The marriage concluded on this day will be successful.

People rarely get sick this day, and the patients recover quickly. You can carry out any cleaning and hygienic procedures, phytotherapy. However, the load on the liver is counter-indicative, since the day is associated with the hematopoietic system. There are also violations of the intestine. It is recommended that you drink decoctions of medicinal herbs on this day, there are carrots, beets, pomegranates, cranberries, mountain ash. It is advisable to spend the day outdoors. It will also be easy to part with bad habits.

A person sees on this day empty dreams that do not come true and are quickly forgotten.

People who were born on the twenty-first day of the lunar calendar, are by nature winners. They can become literally tyrants, without hesitation going on the heads of others for their own purposes. They need to conquer their own pride, in order to eventually acquire purity of soul and inner justice.