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We develop software applications for our clients.

Prices are low, quality is high. Also, we can place your ads into our own projects.

The most wide spread our program is KIPiA for industrial measurement and automation. Tens of thousands engineers and technicians working in the field of industrial measurement and automation use it everyday. The number of customers grow every hour. The language of the application is Russian because it is based on russian industrial standards, therefore there is no sense to add other languages.

Thus, our

Currently supported projects

Sun and Moon logo

Sun and Moon Software


Sun and Moon Software for Windows


Sun and Moon Software for Android

The «Sun and Moon» calculates the exact position of the Sun and the Moon, their rises and sets, the main characteristics and detailed information specific to the Astronomical Almanac. The onset of lunar phases is also computed.

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Industrial Measurement And Automation


KIPiA for Windows


KIPiA for Android

The KIPiA free software application has been developed for industrial automation engineers and technicians to help them in their everyday work. It contains necessary information about vast majority of measurement devices, sensors and automation systems. May be useful for technical college students too.

The only language of the application is Russian. It is because the software is based on russian industrial standards. Nevertheless it can be of interest for the international companies to promote their products in russian area of industrial measurement and automation.

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Speech corrector

axSoft Speech corrector


Speech corrector for Windows


Speech corrector for Android

axSoft Speech corrector is a software program and has been developed for :

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