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The Astronomical Almanac logo

The Astronomical Almanac

The Astronomical Almanac for Android

The Astronomical Almanac calculates the exact position of the solar system objects, their rise and set, the main characteristics and detailed information specific to the Astronomical Almanac. The onset of lunar phases is also computed. Below are the links for free Android downloads and screenshots of the program:

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free Android version   free iOS version   free macOS version

Sun and Moon logo

The Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Software for Android

The Sun and Moon calculates the exact position of the Sun and the Moon, their rises and sets, the main characteristics and detailed information specific to the Astronomical Almanac. The onset of lunar phases, and lunar days is also computed.

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free Android version   free macOS version

ISO-5167 Flowrate logo

ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations

ISO-5167 Flowrate Calculations for Android

ISO-5167 Flow Rate Calculations is a mobile application for Android, intended for both experts in the field of automation and metrology, and students of technical specialties. It implements methods for calculating the flow rate of liquids, vapors and gases by measuring the differential pressure on primary devices as the substances pass through them. These methods are regulated by the ISO-5167 standard and consider the following primary devices:

- Orifice Plates
- ISA 1932 Nozzles
- Long Radius Nozzles
- Venturi Nozzles

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Instrumentation & Automation

Windows, macOS

Instrumentation & Automation for Windows


Instrumentation & Automation for Android

The Instrumentation & Automation free software application has been developed for industrial automation engineers and technicians to help them in their everyday work. It contains necessary information about vast majority of measurement devices, sensors and automation systems. May be useful for technical college students too.

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free Android version   free Windows version   free macOS version

Speech corrector

axSoft Speech corrector


Speech corrector for Windows


Speech corrector for Android

axSoft Speech corrector is a software program and has been developed for :

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