axSoft Speech corrector
axSoft Speech corrector for Android

axSoft Speech corrector for Android

axSoft Speech corrector for Android is a Windows version clone. Therefore no need to describe its functionality on this page. All the features and functions are the same. Used mainly in stuttering elimination. May be related to speech therapy software.

Bellow is a screenshot made on a smartphone.

axSoft Speech corrector for Android
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It is important to say that audio accessories with embedded microphone are the must.

Although you can try the software on a smartphone using its own audio hardware, but it is quite inconvenient and in the case of tablets – impossible.

Supported devices

axSoft Speech corrector for Android uses the system resources hard. Therefore it should be installed on modern devices only.

The best results show LOW LATENCY AUDIO (LLA) devices, although that support is not required.

Do not try install the program on hardware released before 2012. You also need OS Android 4.2 and higher.

The author of the program tested it on a variety of smartphones / tablets.

At present, 2013, the best result showed Google Nexus 7 (2013) (LLA is present). Sound was clear and minimal sound delay value was 40 ms. It is good enough to use the program for stuttering therapy.

At the same time, 4-core Samsung Galaxy S3 (2012) (LLA is not present) was slower. Minimal sound delay was 94 ms. Also can be used for stuttering therapy.

Try before buy

If you are completely new to this type of software, you can try the Windows version. It is free to try.


axSoft Speech corrector for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play clicking the link or using the search in the store.

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