axSoft Speech corrector
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.



There are many web-sites offering to download axSoft Speech corrector. What are the official ones?
  axSoft Speech corrector is distributed worldwide and there are many soft catalogues where people can download it. But the list of our official web-sites is bellow:
  2. (Russian)

I’ve bought your program and use it on a desktop computer, but I have a laptop too. Will you send me a license key for a second computer?
  Due to the license agreement: one purchase – one computer. Nevertheless we meet the wishes of our customers and send them additional license keys.

What is the difference between ‘trial’ and full versions of the program?
  Trial version will stop in some time.

Can you guarantee a 100% success in stuttering elimination using your software?
  We can't guarantee a 100% success. You should try before buy. But many people have reduced stuttering using our software. Some of them stopped stuttering at all, even in adult ages.

What is axSoft Speech corrector good for in addition to stuttering elimination?
  As far as I know, it is successfuly used in foreign language studying.

I have installed the software a year ago. Everything has been all right, but yesterday the program stopped working. It disappears just after the launch. What is wrong?
  The program is corrupted by a virus. Check your system for viruses. Reinstall the program if needed.