axSoft Speech corrector
Installation tips

Setup tips

System requirements

Recommended acoustic devices

There are a lot of microphones and headphones offered. Usually the more price the better quality. This program does not require the quality of outstanding, expensive devices. Wave acoustics range of human speech is not too high.

Moreover, the program has embedded graphic equalizer for frequency correction. Nevertheless, microphone should have a good quality level.

Microphone connection

Microphone connection

Insert microphone connector into the sound card of your PC as shown at the picture.

Microphone connectors usually have a pink color.

Sometimes sound card has corresponding icons.

Headphones connection

Headphones connection

Insert audio connector into the sound card.

If you already have speaker system connected to your sound card then the best way is to connect headphones to speaker system.

Windows settings

If all the preparations above are done lets go to the next step.

Make sure that sound output of your system work properly. To check it play any music either from CD or from the file. If you hear sound it means that sound output of your system is OK. If not, do see Windows help for details.

Make sure your sound capture system is on. To check this, double click on the speaker icon in the tray (near system clock) and see if microphone is on. Set microphone volume to the max value. Special setting for sound input and output you can make opening Windows Control Panel. Many sound card manufacturers have their own software to maintain their products. No need to describe it here.

If something wrong with your sound - the best way is to read Windows help.

Now you can install axSoft Speech corrector

Put the file "speech-corrector-200-setup.exe" downloaded from this site in any folder and run it. Read License Agreement and follow the installer instructions.

After the axSoft Speech corrector installation ends an icon will appear on your desktop. You can also launch axSoft Speech corrector from Program Files - "axSoft Laboratories" -> Speech corrector.

Important notes:

To install and use this software you must be an administrator of your PC.