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axSoft Speech corrector

axSoft Speech corrector is a software program and has been developed for :

axSoft Speech corrector for stuttering therapy
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How does it work?

axSoft Speech corrector can be used by people who have stuttering problem to control their fluency. It provides DAF (delayed auditory feedback) method. That method has been applied in therapy of stuttering people for a long time. Numerous studies have shown the positive influence of that method on speaking process. Stuttering people who speak into a microphone and hear delayed sounds of their own speech in headphones or a speaker begin to speak more fluently. DAF reduce stuttering on average 70 – 85 % without hard training and mental efforts.

The program captures a signal from input device – microphone, makes necessary transformations including sound delay and finally output it to the headphones. Feedback is delivered through the headphones with a little delay. The reason for delaying the feedback of a person’s own speech via the use of headphones comes from the way areas of the brain work in synchronization. A person can hear himself as from “outside”. Speech becomes slow and prolonged.

Everyday practice using this program for the people with stuttering problem result in significant reduction or even complete elimination of stuttering.

How to use (for stuttering and speech therapy)

To use this software for stuttering therapy you should have a microphone and headphones connected to your PC.

For stuttering therapy first of all you should set the program sound delay. Many specialists recommend 50 ms to start with and a delay range from 40 to 150 ms in general. But in many cases it is set individually guided by the final result. Try to change sound delay speaking to a microphone and the best result in stuttering elimination defines the best sound delay settings for you.

To begin with, speak separate words, phrases to microphone to be accustomed to program use. Then read a book or a text from display. And finally try to speak to somebody. You should take a 30 - 40 minute practice a day. How long? It depends on your individuality. But the first positive results in stuttering elimination you will notice in several days.

You can set embedded graphic equalizer on and make its setting for better sound you hear from headphones.

Main program features

Notes. Stuttering therapy.

axSoft Speech corrector has been released in 2005. Since that many copies of the software have been downloaded from this site. Also, many good references have been received.

To tell the truth, nobody can guarantee that somebody get rid of stuttering using DAF software / device at once.

But there are many successful stories. If you succeed in stuttering elimination with our software it would be the most easy and inexpensive way.

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